A collaborative team singularly focused on your financial well-being

We believe that collaboration is the key to creating effective financial solutions for our clients.

It’s why we work as a team to develop investment strategies and manage client portfolios. It allows us to offer the cumulative benefits of our diverse backgrounds and educational experience. Our conversations revolve around helping you understand where you are today financially and, most important, what is the most prudent course of action to take for where you want to be.

Our history

The roots of our business go back 35 years. Prior to starting Ascential Wealth, our team was Lake Superior Wealth Management Group at Piper Jaffray, which was acquired by UBS Financial Services Inc. in 2006. In September 2011, our group chose to start an independent practice with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. as our custodian.

About our name

The name “Ascential” combines two words – ascent, defined as upward movement or advancement, and essential, meaning necessary or indispensable.

The rationale behind our name is that we strive to be indispensable advisors in our clients’ advancement toward their financial goals – through our prudent guidance, years of experience and daily dedication.

11 East Superior Street
Suite 500
Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: 218.336.2500
Toll-Free: 888.840.8299