Here are some of the advantages we offer that make for an unrivaled client experience – and what we believe has allowed us to grow into one of the prominent financial services groups in Duluth.


While naturally you wish to see your assets build over time, preserving capital and managing risk take on additional importance when you achieve a certain degree of wealth.

We work hard to understand your goals and concerns and tailor our investment strategy to meet your needs. We are not stock traders taking excessive risk with the hope of making a quick buck on the next so-called hot investment, nor are we preoccupied with the daily ruminations of the market. We form strategies based on a long-term outlook that balances risks and opportunities to attempt to achieve more consistent results over time.

Integrity and independence

As an independent practice, we maintain an objective investing approach free from conflicts of interests and influences from outside funds or money managers. The advisor-client relationship is considered sacred, and there is never any pressure to sell proprietary products. Our motivation is only to act in the best interests of our clients.

Knowledge and collaboration

Our team members have extensive experience and diverse professional backgrounds. In addition to our investment and planning competencies, we have extensive knowledge specific to the financial matters of successful individuals and, in particular, small business owners.

We systematically make asset allocation decisions together, sharing and considering one another’s ideas and viewpoints to arrive at the most appropriate solution for your unique financial situation.

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Comprehensive services and exceptional client service

We aim to earn the privilege to serve as your primary financial advisor. It is common for our clients to call regarding other financial decisions such as investing their employer retirement plan, buying a car or purchasing a vacation property. We also address estate planning and wealth transfer issues for our clients. We regularly collaborate with our clients’ attorneys and accountants to ensure cohesive solutions.

We believe you should always be able to reach us when you have a question or concern. Another advantage of our team approach is that every member of our group is familiar with your situation and able to help you.

Over the years, we have developed trusted, long-term relationships with our clients. We welcome our clients' referrals of friends, family members, and business associates.

Disciplined process

Developing a plan and strategy specific to you is always preceded by gaining an understanding of your financial picture, including important elements such as your goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk. We will always share our thinking and listen carefully to your feedback to create a plan for moving forward that not only meets with your approval, but with your comfort level as well.

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We are committed to providing clear and straightforward communications on strategy, results and costs. We meet face to face with our clients on a regular basis to review performance, asset allocation, and suggested changes to their investment portfolio. We have an in-depth discussion about our strategy and any recommendations for change.

Our clients pay an asset-based advisory fee* rather than commissions for transactions. 

Research focus

We conduct extensive quantitative and qualitative research on all of our investment selections, including individual equities and bonds, exchange traded funds, closed end funds, REITs, commodities, alternative investments, and mutual funds. We use multiple independent sources to gather the information needed to make decisions. We maintain a select list of investments which we monitor and perform ongoing due diligence to evaluate performance against their benchmarks.

Forward-thinking perspective

We maintain a steadfast focus on the financial horizon, particularly the movement and trends in the domestic and global economies, and influencing factors such as political environments, economic news and technical developments. Our analysis of such vital information guides us in constructing portfolios that we believe are well-positioned to take advantage of future opportunities while reducing potential risks.


*In a fee-based account clients pay a quarterly fee, based on the level of assets in the account, for the services of a financial advisor as part of an advisory relationship. In deciding to pay a fee rather than commissions, clients should understand that the fee may be higher than a commission alternative during periods of lower trading. Advisory fees are in addition to the internal expenses charged by mutual funds and other investment company securities. To the extent that clients intend to hold these securities, the internal expenses should be included when evaluating the costs of a fee-based account. Clients should periodically re-evaluate whether the use of an asset-based fee continues to be appropriate in servicing their needs. A list of additional considerations, as well as the fee schedule, is available in the firm’s Form ADV Part II as well as the client agreement.

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